Artist Statement

My name is Irina. I moved to Santa-Monica, California a year ago. This unique place with magical atmosphere has become a fertile ground for developing my design talent. I’ve started from creating accessories for myself and my close friends. However, fast-growing demand directed me on creating my own collection of accessories.

Creating it, I am inspired by an image of modern American lady – elegant and delicate and, at the same time, open, free and sincere. I believe that each lady shall be appreciated for her unique features and I see my task as helping her to accept and to love her wonderful real self.

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We create exclusive accessories that are unique: they harmonically combine luxury and simplicity, elegance and minimalism. Our accessories are perfect variants for a gift and best evidence of your uncompromising taste.


Our philosophy – perfection in details. All accessories are handmade from materials of the best quality and with great attention to the smallest details.


Main source of our inspiration is the rhythm of life of a modern women that always requires being ready for change and improvisation. That’s why each accessory is able to change in a wonderful way: for example, hair band can be easily changed into bracelet or a choker necklace.

Our main aim is to help you to open the magical power of your true beauty. The main accents of our collections are simple lines that underline natural elegance of a woman. Minimalistic accessories that do not compete with your natural charm but compliment it.

Our elegant but discreet jewelry is perfect both for casual days and for magnificent noble events. It will help you to be confident in yourself, your beauty, power of your charm and will inspire you for the longest love story ever – story of love to yourself.


  • Each accessory of Allaia brand is not only an evocation of elegance but also of ideal comfort. Our headbands, necklaces and bracelets can be easily put on with a single movement and are reliably fixed with a magnet clip. Accessories are almost weightless, that allows wearing them all day long without any discomfort.
  • All accessories are produced in a wide range of sizes that guaranties perfect fitting of accessories. If you haven’t found an appropriate sizes in our list we will create an accessory due to your measurements without any additional payment.
  • We use materials of premium quality only: sterling silver, gold-plated metals, semiprecious stones, natural pearls, Swarovski crystals. This is most honorable faceting for your natural beauty.
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